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Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorneys in Conway, AR

We add a personal touch, making sure you understand every option that's available to you.

When you choose a larger firm, you’re just a number in a very long list of clients. Your case may be shuffled around, and you may not hear updates about your situation for months at a time. At McKinney & McKinney, we believe our clients deserve better.

Every client is important to the staff at McKinney & McKinney. Our dedicated team will return your phone calls promptly and will give you updates on your case as they come in. The brothers are dedicated to working hard for every individual.

At McKinney & McKinney, we're driven by our clients, not by profit. We put your needs before our paychecks.

If you have a strong case that is causing you to struggle financially, please, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will assess your situation and help to the best of our ability. Whether you've been accused of a violent crime or are going through a messy divorce, we will attend to your case with the personal care and attention it needs. 

The law can be confusing to the layman, and we work hard to communicate in terms that are easy to digest. It’s important to us you feel comfortable throughout the entire process of your case, from start to finish. We take the extra time and effort to walk our clients through every step, making sure they have a thorough understanding before they make any big decisions.

Helping Arkansas Residents Get the Best Results

Going to trial is hard work. When it's your best option, we welcome the challenge.

Other firms may push you to accept a lower settlement even when they know you deserve more. Why would they do this? Because trials take time, painstaking effort and money to do well. For example, a divorce with custody or complicated property issues in Arkansas can take up to two years or more due to the amount of evidence and witness depositions that need to be gathered in order to prove your case.

When it’s in your best interest, we’re not afraid to go to court, and we know when we have a case strong enough to face a judge or jury. The simple fact that we are willing to go to trial often leads to better settlements in the end, as other parties will generally want to avoid the expense. If we do end up in court, we will take the necessary actions to build a strong argument and bring forth the best case possible.

Our firm offers the small town attention you deserve, while delivering big city results

We have practice working in courts all over the state. We prefer working in Faulkner and surrounding counties because we’ve established relationships with judges and court staff in these communities and know how to prepare and what to expect. Understanding how to prepare and what to expect gives us an advantage when preparing for trial.

Our office is located about 30 miles north of Little Rock in Conway, Aransas. We mainly serve clients from Faulkner, Pulaski, Perry, Conway, Cleburne, Van Buren, Searcy, and White counties, but we handle cases all over the state. We focus on family law, criminal defense and personal injury, but will take civil law cases, such as contract and property disputes.

Why Us

Since the very beginning, the McKinney brothers have always been on their journey together.

The McKinney brothers were raised on a 200-acre farm in Mt. Vernon, Arkansas, where their parents taught them the value of hard work and the importance of integrity. 

After serving two-year missions for their church, Quincy and Jared attended UCA where they each earned a double major in political science and history. Quincy graduated Cum Laude, and Jared was Summa Cum Laude.

The brothers then attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law where they excelled in trial advocacy and oral arguments. Growing up, attending college and law school, and now working together has created the incredible team at McKinney & McKinney. Their family values carry over to their law practice.

You won’t be able to find the kind of personal attention at a larger firm that you'll experience at our family's law firm. Set up a consultation to discuss your case with McKinney & McKinney, and you’ll notice how open, personable and accessible these two lawyers and their friendly staff are.